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About Zen Spaces & Owner: Rene Vallee


     I have been creating spaces for myself; Zen Spaces, since I was a little girl. Born & raised in a modest house in St Petersburg, Florida that was filled with an eclectic style brought on by both my mother and father. What they each thought was beautiful was a whole different story. Our house was a mix of old New England (antique furniture and lace) and sports fanatic. My mother was an avid reader, antique collector and keeper of all things hand made. My dad loved sports. Our television was the center of our family time, so comfort and sizable furniture encompassed our Florida style living room. We had the big black leather sofa that was too big for the living room's size, and a massive big screen TV; all 52 inches of eyesore.

     I describe my childhood house because at the time I thought it was anything but Zen. I was always trying to lessen the clutter to show the true beauty of each space.


     Every stack of books and every piece of furniture that mom and dad chose added to my story and how Zen Spaces came about. If my mother left me at home while she took my brother to baseball practice, she would most always come home to a completely cleaned space. A clean, fresh house meant peace, happiness and free time for my very hard working parents. Being helpful to my family while also doing something for my well being was important to me. That life long journey has become something so much more for so many people - People like you! If I can create a clean, warm, inviting and relaxing space for you -  if I can make you feel better about all of your collections and treasures, than I am doing what I meant to do. A happy space is a Zen Space.

“Sometimes all you need is another set of hands and a fresh perspective!”

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